City of Sylvania launching investigation into donation bins

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - There are donation bins all over the city of Sylvania but city leaders say they wonder what those donations are really going toward.

People who use them say they are simply a convenience.

"They're around the area, somewhere easy for me to take them to," said Katie Austin.

City Councilman Doug Haynam says he is not too sure if the donations really are going toward a good cause.

So WTOL called some donations bins, including R-Earth, to see how they work.

"Various buyers, I mean there are all kinds of groups that buy them in bulk whether it be non-profit organizations, I mean you can act as a middle man for groups that need it, there are thrift stores around the county that buy it in bulk," said Roy Collins of R-Earth Recycling.

Planet Aid said over the phone that the clothing was sold to other organizations and thrift shops that are a not for profit.

Lend a Hand Across America was also called, but the mailbox was full.

City Councilman Doug Haynam says he does not want to interfere with charitable organizations, but wants to see if something should be done.

"I think the Salvation Army does some of this as well, we just have to figure out how to accommodate the clearly legitimate charities from the less clear," said Haynam.

Haynam says depending on their findings, they may require permits or ban the bins altogether. City Council will hear an update on October 27.

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