Over 1,800 DNA matches found across Ohio on tested rape kits through initiative

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Forensic scientists inOhio have found more than 1,800 DNA matches on rape kits being tests as part ofthe sexual assault kit testing initiative.

Dozens of law enforcementagencies across the state were holding onto kits, not sending them out to labs.As of October 1 more than 5,000 kits had been tested thanks to the initiative.

The Wood County PoliceDepartment says they are thrilled that the Attorney General's initiative is testingthese kits. Recently Wood County has had two matches in the area and they arehoping that between testing and the new BCI lab coming to BGSU's campus thateven more progress will be made.

Wood County Mayor TonyHetrick says technology is constantly advancing and recently it has beengreatly helping law enforcement all over the state of Ohio with rape kittesting.

"It's great that this program has broughtin over 5000 kits, over 1800 identifications," saidHetrick. "Whoknows what techniques will be yet developed to further the identification ofcriminal suspects."

Wood County Sheriff MarkWasylyshyn says there are two things that stand out to him about thisinitiative.

"The cost continues to go down inprocessing DNA, and also the time that it takes between when we find someevidence and get it processed, is significantly decreasing," said Wasylyshyn.

Both Major Hetrick and Sheriff Wasylyshyn say they believe DNA testing isthe new fingerprint testing and will ultimately solve more crimes.

The initiative along with the new BCI lab in Bowling Green will help getthese outstanding rape kits processed.

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