Lucas County Commissioner's reaction to the future of Jeep production in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - WTOL spoke with Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken beforeTuesday's meeting about the future of Jeep Wrangler production in Toledo. He saysthe county can handle the changes but it's all about getting the communicationgoing.

Gerken says the statement from Chrysler's CEO came out ofthe blue but he is confident the county, the city, the state and the union allknow how to work together to handle the situation.

He also says he feels that Chrysler Fiat is looking attheir cost, what will help them make a hot selling product and the county wantsto be a part of that.

Gerken says he thinksMarchionne should reconcile his statement about his appreciation to the workersin Toledo.

"That herespects them, that they are the best workforce in the corporation, that hevalues their 60 hour a week commitment - he's got some reconciling to do withis words and his actions - we've done this before, let's just get it on, let'sjust get it on and get it fixed,"said Commissioner Gerken.

Mayor Collins and a representative from the governor's office willbe meeting with the top Chrysler Fiat executives on Thursday to begin theconversation about where to go from here.

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