Residents report several car break-ins in Point Place

POINT PLACE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Point Place residents are fed up with the car break-ins happening near 288th and 289th Street.

Residents says their neighborhood is usually peaceful but several reports of car break-ins has changed that.

"I looked through my blinds on the front door and I saw some guy open my front van door and climbed in," said one victim.

The same resident says she has had multiple items stolen from her property.

"This is getting crazy, you know, car windows getting busted," said victim. "We had two bags of cans we were saving for somebody in the backyard. They went in our backyard and took them!"

In the past year, she claims her car has been broken into five times. She says the items stolen mostly consist of pocket change and emergency cash, along with CDs and other various items.

Point place residents say something needs to be done and they will rally around each other to do that.

"Obviously the cops can't police every street, every night," said victim. "If we don't do something, who's going to?"

Sergeant Joe Heffernan says in general, crime is down in Point Place. He recommends that residents always fill out a police report if crime occurs.

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