Two thieves caught on video in Springfield Township

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Thievestargeting Springfield Township area near Dorr and McCord took from the wrongcar when they were caught on a newly installed high definition surveillancecamera.

The video showsthe two men walking up to the vehicle; one opens the car door and the otherwalks around to the passenger side and begins to look through the console.

The men are atthe car for about two minutes when they check to see if the car next tothem is locked. Once they realize it is they walk away.

Detectives saythe two men stole cash, a debit card and an iPhone charger. They also say theymay be responsible for other car break-ins in the area.

The people whoown the camera say they installed it one week prior to the break-ins.

"The best word I can use isviolated, completely violated," said one victim. "I think this is just thebeginning of something that could be bigger; you know people get braver as theygo along so I have a feeling that if they're not caught it's going to besomething bigger."

If you know whothese two men are call the Lucas County Sheriff's Office or Crime Stopper at419-255-1111.

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