ODOT's Ohio Bridge Partnership Program saving Wood County millions

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Drivers may notice more bridges under construction thanks to the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program through the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The program provides about $120 million in funding to counties with bridges that need repaired or replaced.

"We want to ensure that these bridges are safe, andthat's one of the criteria for making the program, is that you have to bedeemed a structurally deficient bridge," said ODOT leader Theresa Pollick.

Monday crews placed the first beams on the Range LineRoad bridge. The Wood County Engineer Raymond Huber says the countyis estimating about a $12 million benefit through the partnershipprogram.

"This is a tremendous benefit to the county, I referto it as Christmas morning, and you've all of a sudden got this beautifulChristmas present, and wow, we are impressed by it, we're thankful to theGovernor, and all of his efforts to bring this program along," said Huber.

The county inspects bridges every year, and Huber says time and time again they find some of the bridges deteriorating. He says thisprogram helps them keep all of those bridges safe for the community, withoutbreaking the bank.

"The total project will net us 18 bridges, after theprogram is done, which is 18 bridges I do not have to build out of my ownfunds," said Huber.

The program will work on about 30 bridges throughout the district in the next four years.

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