Sylvania finds two companies for water testing

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Sylvania, as preparation for another water crisis, has found two places to test the city's water.

The city has entered an agreement with Beagal Bio Products in Columbus, and BSA Environmental Services in Beachwood, near Cleveland. This means Sylvania would not have to wait on the city of Toledo for microcystin level result.

Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough says the tests should only take 24 hours but the city still has to figure out how they will transport the water to these facilities.

"We are still working with them to find out how to transport it, but it may mean that we are going to drive it, either to Columbus or Beachwood Ohio, and get those test done as quickly as we can so we know what's going on right here in Sylvania," said Stough.

The mayor says the water tested will be taken from an intake sight at Holland-Sylvania and Brint.

Stough also says even with the selection of the two water testing companies, the city is still open to other possible testing sites.

"We found these two companies, and if somebody else comes to us and says they are able to do it more locally we will certainly take a look at them as well," said Stough.

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