University of Findlay basketball, football player expelled after sexual assault investigation

Alphonso Baity (left) and Justin Browning (right). (Source: University of Findlay)
Alphonso Baity (left) and Justin Browning (right). (Source: University of Findlay)

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Two students have been expelled from the University of Findlay after a university investigation into a report of sexual assault, according to a university spokesperson.

The University says Sophomores Alphonso Baity and Justin Browning were expelled following their investigation. According to the school's athletic website, Baity is a Junior guard on the basketball team from Henderson, Kentucky. The same site shows Browning is a Sophomore defensive back on the football team from Detroit, Michigan.

According to the University the assault took place on September 20 at an on campus house that both Baity and Browning were staying in. The female victim reported the assault Wednesday.

"Obviously when you hear that a student has been a victim of anything, you never want to hear that. None of us do," said Vice President of Student Affairs Dave Emsweller. "I'm a parent, obviously most people who work here are parents. So whenever you hear a student has been in a situation where harm came their way, you never want to hear that."

The University says the two student athletes are appealing their dismissal but they did leave campus on Saturday.

Freshman Theresa Smith says she didn't know the students.

"It was very surprising because I thought Findlay is a safe campus. Something like that could never happen. So yeah I was very surprised about hearing about it," said Theresa. "I was an athlete in high school and definitely they are held to a higher standard to the fact that they even did that, it definitely reflects badly on the university."

The University says it will provide the victim all of the counseling and follow-up services that she needs in her recovery.

"Well it's disappointing whenever any type of student makes a poor decision, certainly, and especially a decision that brings harm to someone else," said Emsweller. "But it's certainly not an indication of the type of athletes we have at the University of Findlay or the type of students we have at the University of Findlay and it's not reflecting the community that exists."

The victim has not yet taken this case to the Findlay Police.

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