New Skycop camera in west Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A new Skycop camera is up in a west Toledo neighborhood and residents have mixed opinions on the new police presence.

"I have never had a problem here," said business owner Stacey Fletcher. "I've never had to call police."

Fletcher is the Master Barber at Fletcher's Hair Design on the corner of Watson and Sylvania, where the new camera is located and he says he wasn't very thrilled when they went up.

"If it was across the street, I wouldn't have a problem with it," said Fletcher. "I just can't understand why they would put it 20 feet away from my business. It almost feels like big brother is watching you."

Sgt. Joe Heffernan says that is not the department's goal. He says they use the cameras for crime prevention and they are proven to work.

Heffernan says they decide where to put the cameras based on what the community says and where they have seen an increase in crime.

"There's certainly been a little criminal activity in that general neighborhood," said Heffernan. "We had a lot of input from community, people saying they would like to have a camera in that neighborhood."

Right now, the Toledo Police Department has 147 cameras across the city, including three more portable ones like the one that now sits on Sylvania Avenue.

Sgt. Heffernan says it will remain there as long as it's needed.

Whether or not the department will purchase more Skycop cameras in the future, Sgt. Heffernan says it's possible. However, that's a decision made by the chief along with city leaders.

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