Cedar Point’s Mantis getting new name, facelift

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) - For 18 years, the Mantis has stood at Cedar Point with its vibrant red and yellow color scheme, but this offseason the coaster will be recolored, redesigned and rebranded as the Rougarou.

Over a dozen workers from Baynum Painting out of Newport, Kentucky have spent the last week cleaning and painting the ride.

Every year Baynum crews paint different roller coasters around the country to keep the rides' colors vibrant, but the paint also acts as rust prevention.

This year, though, the Mantis is being painted in dark green and orange to fit with the design of the Rougarou, which uses the Mantis track with new floorless trains.

Repainting amusement park rides is Baynum Painting's specialty, and they say every ride is its own challenge.

"You have to use boom lifts and spider baskets and have some guys with some good sense and good training and a good overall safety program to get to it," said Supervisor Andrew Million. "The access is most important, once we can get to it we can clean it and get it painted."

The ride is still operating as the Mantis during Cedar Point's Halloweekend activities, which means October is your last chance to ride the Mantis before it is officially shut down.

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