Oregon Police offer identity theft protection tips

(Toledo News Now) - Police say identity theft has become a huge problem, and youneed to be taking steps to protect yourself.

CNN says someone's identity is stolen every twoseconds.  That's why we teamed up withOregon Police to give you tips to keep your identity secure.

"The best thing for you to do is pay cash," said DetectiveRyan Spangler.  "When in doubt, pay withcash.  Never let your card out of sight,if at all possible."

Police say thieves often use devices called pocket skimmers,which can scan your card information even when you've kept them inside yourwallet or purse.

Oregon Police say only carry what you need, and make sure tocheck your weekly statements.  You shouldalso never write your pin numbers down and, should you lose a card, report itas soon as possible.

Throwing away old cards is also criticalto your protection.  To safely dispose ofthem, run a magnet along the strip for a minute before cutting the card inhalf.

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