Tracking Jeep sales - are they up or down?

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sales growth and Toledo impact

As recently as September of this year, sales for Jeep were up 47 percent and they experienced their best September sales ever. Sales of the Wrangler, specifically, were up 16 percent compared to a year ago.

"I think it's excellent, especially excellent here for the community, the city, Lucas County," said Toledo resident Sonya Morris. "It's giving everybody work."

And as demand for the Toledo-made Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee increased, local dealers are seeing the benefit, as well.

"We see a lot more people coming in on the cars that are locally-built because a lot of people partake – family members and everybody else in the building – of these vehicles," said Yark Automotive Sales Manager David Thomas.

Jeep has seen year over year monthly sales growth for the past 54 months.

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