Skycop camera installed but never turned on

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Several months ago Councilman Tom Waniewski pushed to get a skycop camera in his district at Douglas Road near Kendale. It was installed back in April, but now Waniewski says it has yet to be turned on.

Waniewski says crime in that area is what prompted the camera in the first place. After it was installed, he assumed it wouldn't take long for it to start cracking down on crime.

But Waniewski says his iCitizen text alerts about crime in that area kept rolling in. That's when he noticed no light on the camera.

Waniewski says he then approached the Toledo Police Department to ask them what was going on.

"When they said they were going to put one camera in the district and it was going to be this one, I said 'fantastic, we'll work with you,'" said Waniewski. "I do believe strongly that these cameras can reduce crime. So, the fact it was not put up was very disappointing."

Waniewski says the hold up was due to electrical work. He contacted Toledo Edison, and they're expected to have it ready to go early next week.

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