Home of Fostoria fatal arson victim demolished Thursday

FOSTORIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - The homeof Danny Marker, who was killed when his home was set on fire, wasdemolished Thursday in Fostoria.

The fire happened back in May. Local businesses pitched in to help get the demolitionunderway. Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler says the home was a painful reminder of the tragedy that happened there.

"This house still standing here is a sad reminder ofit, and coming down, I think some closure too, as the perpetrators go throughtrial," said Keckler.

Neighbors stood by and watched as the house came down,about five months after the fire that took Danny Marker's life.

Steven Wallace helps keep up the house next doorto the Marker's. He says he's glad to see the house go.

"The officer came to me, and asked to get mypermission to go through the yard. I told him to go for it, to get the housetore down... that's all I care about," said Wallace.

The land is still owned by the Marker's, and the mayorsays the city has told them they can decide what to do with it from here.

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