Lucas County Pit Crew caring for 43 pit bulls, including 25 puppies

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Across the country, dog lovers are celebrating a month honoring a breed that gets a bad reputation. One local group is trying to change that image by saving one dog at a time.

The Lucas County Pit Crew is ringing in National Pit Bull Awareness Month with more puppies than they've ever seen – 25, to be exact.

"We've been discussing what is going on with this puppy outbreak all of a sudden because we've just been overwhelmed," Pit Crew Executive Director Jean Keating said.

There are currently 43 dogs under the group's care in total. Half of them are ready for adoption. Some of them are injured, delaying that process. The Pit Crew is nursing them back to health, so they will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks.

"It's been a really rough 10 days for us," Keating said. "We've taken in three puppies with significant leg fractures from the dog warden just in the last 10 days."

Amy Roth, a foster owner, says an awareness month focused solely on pit bulls will help ease the stigma that surrounds the breed. She says she loves being a foster to pit bulls.

"I love taking in a dog and giving them a second chance, even a dog that's maybe been overlooked in the shelter," Roth said. "I'm giving them a second shot!"

Every weekend the Pit Crew holds special adoption events. Learn how you can become a foster or adopt a pit from the Lucas County Pit Crew at their website.

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