Home break-ins continue in Fulton County after arrest of Brett Farless

FULTON COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Deputies at the Fulton County Sheriff's Office are still warning people of theft around the area even after the arrest of Brett Farless.

Lt. Max Nofsiger says thefts are still occurring at homes during the day and a variety of household items are being taken even after Farless was arrested.

"When he was incarcerated there was some that happened that same time frame and so that is why we believe that there are still other people out there that are doing the burglaries," said Nofsiger.

People living in Fulton County have their own theory on why these burglaries continue.

"It's most of the time, I am including that people are not working and I am sure that they are probably desperate," said Oak Shade resident David Leonard.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office says people working during the day should lock their doors, check in with their neighbors and always be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

"You might see some people walking up to the door and knocking on the door and if nobody answers then they understand that nobody might be home, if somebody answers they might ask 'can I have a glass of water?' or 'can I use your phone?'," said Lt. Nofsiger.

To get in contact with the sheriff's office with any information that can help catch these thieves, call 419-335-4010.

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