Call 11 For Action: Toledo musician says he got the run-around at a Central Ave music store

Call 11 For Action: Toledo musician says he got the run-around at a Central Ave music store

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo musician says he's not getting the proper customer service from a music store in Toledo.

Jeff Pope says he went to Richard's Music Store on Central Avenue to get his amplifier repaired but all he ended up with was excuses.

Jeff is blind and his love for music started when he was a teenager. So, it was no surprise when he heard about a deal for a 65 watt amplifier with 12 inch speakers, he went after it.

"It's one of those types of amplifiers I wish I would have had when I was a kid," said Jeff.

Two months after the purchase the amplifier starting giving Jeff some problems.

"That right there and it echoes through the speaker and that's what concerns me the most," said Jeff.

A popping sound lead Jeff to Richard's Music for repairs on July 12. Jeff says he paid $105 for the work he thought was completed in August.

"I got home plugged it in and heard the same popping sound," said Jeff.

So Jeff called Richard's Music right away and spoke to the owner Greg Fisher. Jeff says Greg refused to give a refund, saying the only way he would get the money was from the sub-contractor hired by Richard's Music to do the work.

"I felt cheated," said Jeff.

Jeff says he was tired of getting the run-around so he decided to give Call 11 for Action Team a call.

When called, Richard's Music said that Greg Fisher was not in and the employee wouldn't talk about the situation.

A few days later the sub-contractor mentioned by Greg called.

"I understand that there are some issues with it, and it's still presenting the same problems and I want to give you my apologies first and foremost. I replaced the power switch. It's my understanding that that can cause that problem. I'm happy to do whatever it takes to resolve the issue with that," said sub-contractor Mike Cranston.

So far Jeff hasn't heard from Mike. A few days ago, after hearing Jeff's story another electronics technician agreed to fix Jeff's amplifier.

Jeff says he may not have the electronic sound he wants right now but he has no plans to let go of the guitar.

If you think you have a problem give Call 11 for Action Team a call at 419-255-2255.

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