Toledo city council working on setting aside more money for city road repairs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo city council is working to get more money set aside to fix city roads, they are hoping Mayor D. Michael Collins gives them the green light to spend that money.

Councilman Tom Waniewski says it will take an additional $1.9 million from the city's street repair fund to fix roads in three districts and purchase the mill and fill machine city administration wants.

"Council and I feel strongly that we need to direct money to the streets," said Waniewski. "I don't think we got enough money spent on streets this year and it's one of the worst winter's ever. So, we need to pave these roads."

The money would be used for roads in Waniewski's district, which includes parts of West Toledo. District four and five, including Point Place and the downtown area, would see road improvements as well.

Residents in Waniewski's district say they support city council's effort.

"The more money they can put into making the roads better, the better" said Toledo resident Jason Brown.

Brown was born and raised in Toledo. He says he'd like to see smoother streets in his neighborhood.

"The roads are terrible on Bancroft, especially," said Brown. "But yeah, around this area, clearly there have been holes that have been filled and that just makes the roads worse."

Last week, city council got a closer look at what the streets fund is being used for. Waniewski says there's not enough going toward the roads.

"Bottom line is we want the roads paved, the administration wants the roads paved, the taxpayers want the roads paved," said Waniewski. "Lets get the roads paved!"

Next week council will likely vote to approve the amount spent, then Mayor Collins will have to decide if he wants to give them the go ahead.

Either way, Waniewski says work on the roads will not be seen until next year.

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