Perrysburg Township Police partner with online program to crackdown on theft

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Perrysburg Township Police have partnered with Leads Online to help them track stolen property and crackdown on thefts.

When items are stolen they often end up in pawn shops. With the Leads Online program "ReportIt," people can create a profile and keep track of their valuable items in case they are ever stolen. They can simply take photos of their valuable items and put in their serial number. The system allows them to then locate the item and find out who pawned it.

Perrysburg Township Police Deputy Chief Mike Gilmore says the system could lead to an arrest. He says it's a way for police to solve these crimes more efficiently and a way for the community to keep their items safe.

"Now what we're really doing is providing a tool that they can easily do this and they don't have to worry about where did I put that," said Gilmore. "Now they know exactly how to get to it, and that information is stored there as long as they want it there."

The information entered into the system is only accessible through a username and password. Perrysburg Township Police are encouraging the community to be proactive and use the system.

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