Rossford Fire Department's radio room is getting a makeover

ROSSFORD, OHIO (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The Rossford Fire Department's radio room is used for several important aspects of the job, including communication during runs. Now that radio room is getting a makeover.

Every year the Rossford Eagles donate money to the firedepartment and typically the money is used to purchase smoke detectors.

This year, Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard says the money will be split between new smoke detectors and the radioroom.

"We've knocked out a wall, it's going to add a thirdwork space, a couple extra telephones, and it's going to be a great addition tothe fire station," said Drouard.

The fire department is handling the demolition andgetting the new equipment. In turn, Home Depot has agreed to donatelabor to put it all together.

Drouard says this means the project won't costs taxpayers. He also says the renovations will significantly impact the department.

"It's going to benefit us because we can actuallyhave more people doing more things at the same time, so it's going to increasea little bit of efficiency as well," said Drouard.

While four feet of counter space and an added work spacemight seem like a minor addition, Drouard says it will make all the difference.

The department hopes to have the room done by their open house on October 6.

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