Toledo Blight Authority ready for first meeting

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Blight Authority is taking shape after a push from city council.

Fourteen people have been named to the authority; the official approval is set to come from council next week. The Blight Authority will work to tackle run-down properties and clean up the city.

Vivian Ramos lives in south Toledo and is worried about the many boarded-up properties near her Prouty Avenue home.

"These children are my concern," she said. "I want them to try to do something with the abandoned homes because the children are starting to get into them. I have complained and complained."

Ramos says no action has been taken to clean up or take down the homes - that is one of the many goals of the new Blight Authority.

"People are so upset, and their unrest with this – they need to see some action," said Dawn Comstock, one of the 14 set to serve on the Toledo Blight Authority.

Comstock is president of One Village Council. Other Blight Authority members include the Honorable C. Allen McConnell, judge for Toledo Housing Court, Larry Vasko of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, Megan Meyer-Foos, CEO of the Toledo Board of Realtors, and David Mann of the Lucas County Land Bank.

Comstock says she's ready for the authority's first meeting on Thursday.

"The fancy 'Hi, how are yous' don't really need to be done at this point in time. Everybody should know everybody by now and we really need to get down to business," she said. "A lot of these properties are foreclosed on, so we have to address that. There are landlords who aren't taking care of properties – we have to address that. There are property owners that just don't care and we have to address that."

Ramos is hopeful that this new system will be effective. Comstock insists the Blight Authority won't be an all talk, do-nothing board. She says residents will see a difference.

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