Restaurant Ratings Report: Unsafe food required to be destroyed

(Toledo News Now) - Lai Lai Asian Mart in Toledo had a dozen violations during its last inspection. Food was found not protected from contamination with broken eggs stored over packaged food.

Food was also not held at the proper temperature, plus a health inspector ordered a number of items deemed unsafe to eat to be thrown out.

McDonald's on West Alexis in Toledo had ten violations.  Food was found in contact with an unclean surface, and sticker residue was left on clean storage containers.

There was also no thermometer in the milk cooler and there was a build-up of grease under the grill line.

Tim Horton's on Navarre in Oregon had 9 violations.  An inspector found build-up in the ice machine, and there was no sanitizer in the kitchen.  The handwashing sink was also being used for dumping utensils.

The Stop and Go on LaGrange Street in Toledo had 8 violations.  Food was not protected from contamination with raw bacon and eggs stored with milk.

There was no sanitizer bucket set up, and a health inspector found that found wasn't stored high enough from the floor.

The Pizza Hut on Navarre in Oregon passed inspection with no violations.  The facility is said to be very clean and organized.

Hot Sizzling Wok on Laskey in Toledo also had no violations and was well-maintained.

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