Former Middle East CBS News Correspondent speaks at UT about ISIS

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Dr.Lawrence Pintak used to be the Middle East Correspondent for CBS News. TuesdayPintak spent some time on the University of Toledo's campus to talk to people aboutwhat is happening overseas and why it is important to people here in Toledo.

Pintakspent a lot of time studying America's relationship with the Muslim world andhow the media shapes perceptions.

Hespoke about how journalists cover what happens in the Middle East and howMuslims who live in America can work with journalists to help change some ofthe perceptions people may have about the religion.

"Muslims in America feel likethey are being tarred and feathered because of what's happening overseas andthe reality is the headlines we see, people cutting each other's heads off and that sort ofthing, clearly resonate among Americans, how they look at Muslims in America," said Pintak.

Hesays he hopes people walk away knowing the media is not out to get MuslimAmericans and hopes Muslims who do live here can work with journalists to helpchange some perceptions.

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