Rossford Fire Department receives new refurbished unit

ROSSFORD, OHIO (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The Rossford Fire Department has been working out of a loaner unit forsix months. Friday they finally received their newly refurbished unit back.

The unit looks brand new but is actually an older unit that has beenfixed up. The length ofthe box on the ambulance is bigger and allows them to fit all of theirequipment on runs. It also has a new cot with an auto loaderthat will help them better serve the community.

Chief Josh Drouard says the unit has new equipment and is a lot more efficient.

"The reliability ofthese particular units is the bulk of our work here at the fire department," said Drouard. "They see a lot of cold starts, they havea lot of hard miles put on because of course you're going a little fastsometimes and you have to make sure that those vehicles are ready to go at amoment's notice to get to your house."

Drouard says the unit went on a couple runs once it returned and has been on the move ever since.

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