Elaina's grandfather to attend Federal St. house demolition

Elaina Steinfurth (Source: Steinfurth family)
Elaina Steinfurth (Source: Steinfurth family)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - At 10 a.m. Wednesday, the house at 704 Federal Street in east Toledo will be demolished, and the man whose 18-month-old granddaughter lost her life in the home will be there to see it come down.

It's been just over a year since Elaina Steinfurth was laid to rest. Her grandfather Richard Schiewe and the rest of the family have had many hard days. Wednesday will be another.

"What are you going to be thinking about [during the demolition]?" reporter Michelle Zepeda asked Schiewe.

"My baby in there and Steven killing her," he said.

The house previously belonged to Steven King's mother, and was the place where Elaina was killed in June of 2013. King then hid her body in a garage on the property.

Since King's confession and conviction, along with the conviction Elaina's mother Angela for her involvement, the house was claimed by the Lucas County Land Bank for the owners' failure to pay back taxes.

Due to the house's irreparable condition, the Land Bank decided to tear it down. It will take crews 30-45 minutes to level the house and garage.

Neighbors on Federal say they'll be glad when it's over. Most did not want to speak on camera or give their names because they don't want to be associated with the crime.

Schiewe, Angela's father, plans to be at the demolition the entire time.

"We'll be there from the time they start until the time they tear it down," he said. "I'm glad the house is going down and these people who lived there can see what the city thinks of them. That's what I think of them – when they tear down trash, they're tearing down their trash."

Residents on either side of the property applied to receive ownership of the land. They will each pay the Land Bank $100 and the land will be split between them. Each will be responsible for maintenance of the land once it's cleared.

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