FCC announces they will no longer support NFL blackout rule

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Federal Communications Commission announced on Tuesday that the NFL will no longer get their support when it comes to the league's blackout rule.

UT Professor of Law and Values, Geoffrey Rapp, specializes in sports law and he says that for now this decision should not affected how fans experience NFL football.

Rapp believes this is a symbolic move by the Federal Communications Commission, putting pressure on the NFL and all leagues to be less aggressive in their blackout practices.

Rapp says this will force the NFL to recognize new technologies and how people are now watching sports compared to 40 years ago.

"My expert assessment at this point would be not to worry about the doomsdays scenario that were laid out by the NFL and supporters to try to preserve this rule, they are not likely to be realized," said Rapp.

He says some fans just can't make it to games for one reason or another and this decision will help force the NFL to make changes at their stadiums.

Rapp does says however that this does not mean the end of blackouts.

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