Toledo city council looks over lead poisoning prevention ordinance

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Paint from the older homes in the city make Toledo one of Ohio's top cities for childhood lead poisoning. Now a lead poisoning prevention ordinance has been given to city council.

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality are behind the effort and their main goal is to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

The ordinance would call for property owners to address any lead issues, requiring them to have lead hazard inspections. If lead is detected the owners would then be required to fix it.

ABLE Managing Attorney Robert Cole says their research shows that about 3,400 children in Toledo have been effected by lead poisoning.

"We think that waiting until a child is lead poisoned before we actually respond or try to prevent it from happening, isn't the proper approach," said Cole. "The proper approach is to try and identify lead hazards before a child is poisoned."

The ordinance has been referred to the Neighborhoods, Community Development and Health Committee for a hearing on October 29.

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