Ohio Investigative Unit reminds college students to watch out for drink tampering

(Toledo News Now) - The Ohio Department of Public Safety's Ohio Investigative Unit is reminding college students and others to look out for drink tampering.

"We want friends to look out for their friends, fellow bar-goers to look out for fellow bar-goers and bar staff to look out for their patrons," said Agent-in-Charge Eric Wolf. "We want everyone to be safe. If you see someone tampering with another person's drink – don't turn your back on them, don't be afraid to step up and act."

The Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU) agents say drugging or tampering with drinks happens to females and males at bars and parties and often leads to sexual assault or robbery. They encourage bystanders and bar staff to let someone know if their drink may have been compromised, and call 911 immediately. You should contain the evidence (the drink) if possible.

OIU suggests going to bars and parties with friends you trust and says you should never leave your drink sitting around or accept drinks from anyone you don't know or trust. If your back is turned for even one second, that is enough time for it to be drugged.

They also pointed out that drink tampering doesn't just happen on college campuses. There have been several reports over the summer of drugged drinks at Put-In-Bay, but it can happen anywhere.

If you have information about someone tampering with drinks you can notify the OIU by calling #677 on your cell phone.

See the full press release here.

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