Toledo owes over $30,000 to bottled water supplier after water crisis

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo's water crisis left hundreds of thousands of water customers dry. Now the city owes the which sent bottled water during the crisis, Fastenal, over $30,000.

When the do not drink order was issued on the morning of August 2 people flocked to the stores for bottled water and a shortage was soon seen. The Ohio National Guard brought water but the city also called Fastenal to provide water bottles for the emergent need.

"I felt that the most important thing that we had to do was we had to be able to take panic out of the equation," said Mayor D. Michael Collins.

A total of 177,408 bottles were delivered, which amounts to $38,427 the city now owes to Fastenal.

While this is a bill that has to be paid, several city council members are not ready to just cut the check right away and are looking for ways the city can be reimbursed.

"We basically believed that the Governor had said the state of Ohio was going to pick up that tab, so I'm looking for some answers from the administration related to what the state of Ohio is prepared to assist with," said Councilwoman Lindsay Webb.

The fire chief says the water went to several sites for distribution to the public but was not specifically tracked.

"Given the circumstances, we had to start somewhere," said Mayor Collins. "And it took some of the pain away from those who were most vulnerable for that pain. And so I think it was worth it."

The city will apply for reimbursement from the state. A $9,000 bill was paid on August 21 to another bottled water company.

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