Residents near Asbury Park want basketball court taken down due to increase in crime

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Residentsin the west Toledo area say that ever since the basketball court at Asbury Parkwent up earlier this year more crime has been seen in their neighborhood.

Drugdealing, physical fights, screaming and yelling, these are just some of thethings resident say the basketball courts have brought to the park.

"Putting the hoop back up didn't bring theresults that we thought it was going to," said west Toledo resident. "It broughtin a lot of negativity."

ResidentSteven Adams lives on the same street as the park and he says things are justnot the same anymore and something needs to be done.

"We've seen a few fights, the police had to be calleda few times," said Steven. "It's a little nerve wracking. I've got a 5 monthold and he's not big enough to go to the park yet, but I do want it to be safewhen he gets old enough to go down there."

Neighbors say they will be starting a petition to have the courttaken down.

"Take them down and then see how it goes... see if over the nextyear activity goes down a little bit," said Steven.

According to the Toledo Police crime map online, the most recentincident at Asbury Park was last week when a discharged firearm was reported.

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