Ogden Township residents upset over proposed natural gas pipeline

OGDEN TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - There are miles of farmland in Ogden Township and residents there are upset over a proposed natural gas pipeline.

Ogden Township Trustee Eric Martis says it is something they have been through before.

"The people are tired of the constant attack by giant corporations to go and use our rural area to make themselves a lot of money," said Martis.

This NEXUS pipeline proposed by DTE Energy and Spectra Energy would run 250 miles from Kensington, Ohio to the Willow Run station in Michigan, going through many communities along the way.

"Enough is enough," said Martis. "There are people that are fed up that our rural community being used as an industrial pipeline and an industrial area to feed the larger communities in the state and get really no benefits out of it that we can see other than a little bit of tax money."

This pipeline in Ogden Township would be located between Thompson and Loar. Officials say it could get underway as early as 2016.

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