Book read to elementary students causing a stir in Tecumseh

TECUMSEH, MI (Toledo News Now) - A book that's being read in one Lenawee County school has parents talking.

"My Princess Boy" is being read to young students at Herrick Park Elementary in Tecumseh, and it's drawing some attention.

In the book, a boy makes a dress with his mother and then wears it to school.  Parents say the book has been read to a Kindergarten and third grade class at Herrick Park.

"Kids express themselves in different ways and it's just his certain way of expressing himself by dressing like that," said Tecumseh resident Julia Harpel.

Most parents are OK with having this book read to their children, but there are some parents who are against it.  A lot of parents say it's more acceptable in 2014.

"Even in the '90s we were uptight about it," said Harpel. "But now I think this era is more of an 'express yourself' kind of era, like, 'do what you feel is you.'"

Superintendent Dr. Kelly Coffin says having this book read is not a violation of any board policies.

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