Wood County first responders training to combat HAZMAT spills

Wood County first responders will be training Monday for HAZMAT spills on the freeway to prevent future fires, injuries or deaths.

In the event of a HAZMAT spill, responders will be met with a HAZMAT truck typically stationed in Perrysburg Township.

Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard says this training is critical because every second counts during an emergency.

In the event of spilled diesel fuel, the combination of cars on the freeway and oil on the road could lead to an explosion at any moment.  Chief Drouard says there are a number of variables.

"(Responders account for) potential evacuation of some residents," he said. "It's going to depend on which way the wind blows, how much of the product is going to be released. It kind of varies."

Monday's training is taking place at a Rossford business away from the public.  The Red Cross, Mercy Perrysburg ER personnel and first responders will all be there.

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