Demolition begins on former Clarion Hotel

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Along-awaited project is finally underway in south Toledo. Demolition of theformer Clarion Hotel began Friday morning.

Manybusinesses in the area are happy to see the vacant building go, hoping newdevelopments will bring more business to the area.

Thestaff at Tandoor Indian Cuisine has looked at the empty hotel for awhile - theysit right across the street from the property. They say the damage done to thebuilding causes fewer people to come to that part of town.

"It'sbeen an eyesore for awhile, and I think it brings down all the property valuesand everything," said Rajwinder Kaur, who works at Tandoor. "It'll be nice tosee something, maybe a new business, show up and help the other businessesaround the area."

Thehotel has been abandoned since 2009. Demolition is starting in the pool room,and then will move to the banquet facility. Once that's done, they'll startwork on the hotel itself.

"They'regoing to do what's called tripping," explained Toledo Economic DevelopmentCommissioner Bill Burkett. "They're going to take some of the structuralsupports and knock those down so that the floors will then fall one by one."

Oncethe hotel is gone, the city will sell the property. The goal of the project isto reverse the blight and redevelop the area.

"Thedemolition of the Clarion is a symbolic reversal of the decline of retail inthis Reynold's Road corridor - we've got to stop that," Burkett said.

Cityofficials hope to see more commercial office space take the place of the hotel.

Thecity expects the demolition to take about 6- 8 weeks to complete. Once it'sdone, they'll start preparing the land for sale.

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