Mayor applying for millions in non-interest loan

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The loan that Mayor D. Michael Collins is asking for right now will be in the range of seven to eight million dollars.

The non-interest loan that Mayor Collins will be applying for is through the Ohio EPA and the Department of Agriculture.

City council has already given permission to the mayor to apply for the loan.

The mayor says the money will go toward upgrades and engineering needs to advance the abilities of the water treatment plant long term, but the loan is a small portion of the project.

"We're looking to spend somewhere in the area of $4 hundred million over the next five years, so as one can say $6 million dollars, while it is not something that I would just walk away from, it is not overly significant to the entire problem," said Mayor Collins.

The mayor says the loan was not discussed at the water conference in Chicago.

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