Police: Toledo couple indicted for running brothel in west Toledo

Barbie's Playhouse
Barbie's Playhouse

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo couple was indicted Wednesday on charges of promoting prostitution after police say they were running a brothel in the city.

Those charges came after Toledo Police served a search warrant and raided a building at Laskey and Telegraph roads in June. Police received a tip in 2012 that the building was a place where people were going to pay for sex, but an undercover lieutenant says it took two years before they could serve the warrant.

"We wanted to identify the key players and identify those responsible for running the prostitution out of there," said TPD Lt. Sean Jones. "It's not just getting the lower level people, it's getting the higher level ones that promote prostitution."

The business was called Hidden Treasures at the time the warrant was executed. Now it operates as Barbie's Playhouse Lingerie Models.

"The prostitution of the old days on the streets has kind of moved into these facilities, these businesses that use a front for modeling, but it's just a front for prostitution," Jones said.

Toledo is the fourth highest ranking city in the country for human trafficking. The Ohio Department of Health says that each year, $35 billion is illegally made from this criminal industry.

The couple, David and Mary Gregory, declined comment.

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