TPS: Student brought weapon to Bowsher Thursday, no one hurt

Bowsher High School (Source: Toledo Public Schools)
Bowsher High School (Source: Toledo Public Schools)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo Public Schools spokesperson says a student brought an unloaded gun, which police believe was not in working order, to Bowsher High School on Thursday.

Toledo Police say that in addition to being unloaded, the antique gun was heavily corroded and they do not think it can be fired. The freshman didn't have any ammunition with him.

"Nobodywas ever in immediate danger, however it's troubling to think a student wouldbring a firearm to school," said TPD Sgt. Joe Heffernan.

TPS says another student noticed the gun and called one of his or her parents. That parent then called the school. School administrators advised the school resource officer of the situation. The district says the officer took the student out of class, asked for the gun which was in the student's pocket, then placed the student under arrest.

"Inthis instance, we had a student do the absolute right thing," Heffernan said. "As soon as thatstudent was aware another student had a gun, immediate notifications were made. We were able to get that student out of the classroom and get that firearm veryquickly."

The 15-year-old student was taken to the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center.  TPS officials say he faces school penalties ranging from suspension to expulsion.

The school's principal notified parents of the incident by way of a recorded phone call Thursday afternoon.

"Theydid not lock down. They decided they did not need to because the young man wascooperative and they removed him from the building fairly quickly," said TPS Assistant Superintendent Linda Meyers.

The student told police he brought the gun to school because he was feeling threatened.

"Itcould have been tragic consequences," Heffernan said. "Loaded or unloaded, it's never a wise idea toever bring a weapon onto any type of school grounds."

The student was in juvenile court for a detention hearing Friday morning and was ordered detained. He is due back in court October 10. He currently faces a safe schools charge, a fifth-degree felony. Officials say he could have been charged with a fourth-degree felony of carrying a concealed weapon, but wasn't.

This is not the first time a student has brought a weapon to a Toledo high school. In December of 2012 a Scott High School student brought a BB gun to school, sparking an evacuation and standoff with police.

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