Don't Waste Your Money: Electric bill scam

(Toledo News Now) - Imagine answering the phone only to learn your electricity is about to be shut off for not paying your bill.  What would you do?

A warning to anyone who works in a store, restaurant or any type of small business: a scam is catching many front desk people off guard, and it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you don't know about it.

The scammers contact vulnerable businesses saying their most recent electric bill had been paid incorrectly, and if it's not paid immediately with the correct amount, the power would be shutdown within the hour.

The scammers say the way to pay the bill is to use a Green Dot Moneycard, available at CVS.

Energy companies across the country are warning about this scam, which is apparently targeting businesses everywhere.

Remember: no utility will ever call you threatening an immediate disconnection.  You will always receive a notice in the mail and on your door before they shut you off.

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