Promedica hospitals using da Vinci surgery robot for new procedures

Area Promedica hospitals are using revolutionary technology that is said to take a patient's medical experience to new levels.

It's called the da Vinci, and it's said to make all the difference when it comes to the surgical process.

The robot is partially controlled by the doctor.  It is capable of smaller incisions, a quicker recovery rate and even minimal scarring pending the surgery.

Promedica representatives say da Vinci is one of the first of its kind in the region, and that this device puts Toledo ahead of the game in medical technology and keeps patients here rather than have them travel to other locations.

The da Vinci is used for general, gynecologic, urologic and vascular surgeries.  It's now available at Promedica's Bay Park, Bixby, Flower, St. Luke's and Toledo hospitals.

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