Honor flight vets made their way home Wednesday night, thanks to an anonymous donor it will not be the last flight

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A day, decades in the making comes to an end as war heroes from northwest Ohio return home from their honor flight trip to the nation's capital.

Nearly 100 local veterans spent their day Wednesday in Washington D.C., the oldest in the crowd was World War II vet Charles Williams.

"It was the most decorated ship in the navy the enterprise," said Charles. "We were in more battles; we had holes blown into the bow."

These vets stood at the feet of monuments that were made in their honor Wednesday.

John and Suzanne Roth are the only married couple that was on board. They served in the marines in Korea and John toured again in Vietnam.

"I was in the Korean War, so the guys that are portrayed there look very much like I did when I was there," said John.

"I never dreamed that I would go on an honor flight," said Suzanne.

This trip was suppose to be the last of the honor flights until an anonymous donor stepped up and made one more trip possible.

Father and daughter duo Norbert Rose and Kathy Schwenkmeyer made the journey together, five years after this Korean vet won his own war with leukemia.

"If you make me talk about it much more I'm going to cry," said Kathy. "We made it all through that part of his life and he got to be here today."

The amount of support as they landed back at home was overwhelming.

Thanks to the anonymous donor, another flight is scheduled for October 29. That will be the final flight, carrying 83 vets.

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