Toledo homeowner waits over a year to get $14,000 patio fixed

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo homeowner spent thousands of dollars on a custom-made patio when only three month later it started to crack.

Bill Strall's life has revolved around keeping tabs on the work done at his home.

"I called him on April 6 at 2:15 left him a message," said Bill.

After several failed attempts to reach Concrete Images Owner Troy Musselman, Bill felt like he had no choice but to pick up the phone again.

"I called him back on May 23 at 11:34 and left a message," said Bill. "Called him again at 2:38 and left him a message."

The problems between Bill and Troy Musselman go back to December 2012, that's when Bill says he noticed several cracks in the concrete spreading throughout his patio.

Bill says he paid Troy a little over $14,000 for it just three months prior.

"When he went to pour the patio, the patio was fine and I told him there were two things, I didn't want it to pool water and I didn't want it to crack," said Bill.

He says he called Troy just as soon as he realized his wishes were not being meant. Bill says Troy came out in March of 2013 and looked at the patio.

"He offered me a one-time deal," said Bill. "He said, 'I tell you what you pay for the concrete and I'll supply the labor.'"

Bill says he did just that, paying $750 for the concrete and delivery costs. He says Troy then told him to call him back in September when business slowed down and he would fix the cracks. Bill says it was deja vu all over again.

"I gave him a call, left a message, never heard back," said Bill.

So Bill called Toledo News Now's Call 11 For Action Team.

Troy didn't want to go on camera but he says that he offered to fix the cracks but Bill declined. He says that cracks are something he can't control.

Once the Better Business Bureau got involved Troy offered to give Bill a $500 check for his purchase of the concrete and by Sunday Bill had his money.

"I'm happy that channel 11 got involved and you got me results within a week," said Bill.

The BBB says make sure to get written estimates of everything, that includes work that may need to be re-patched, make sure the contractor can give a work schedule and ask if they are bonded or insured.

If you think you have a problem give the Call 11 For Action Team a call at 419-255-2255.