Band affected by breast cancer plays at Race for the Cure

Band affected by breast cancer plays at Race for the Cure
The band during practice
The band during practice

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - For many, the Komen Race for the Cure reflects their battle with breast cancer – the challenge of completing the "course" of treatment while getting help and support along the way.

A band called SRB has provided rock and R&B race inspiration for many years. The cause is very personal for the members.

"We're a bunch of aging wanna-be rock stars," said drummer Jim Piller.

They're passionate about their music, but over the years, another bond has developed among members of SRB: Many of them have had breast cancer touch their own lives.

One example: Guitarist Jon Zvonovec lost his wife to breast cancer last year. He now raises his three school-age daughters by himself.

Playing at Race for the Cure is a way for the band to renew relationships.

"We recognize a lot and we see a lot of runners, and they recognize us because we've been there so long," said Scott Robb, the band's founder. "We're always yelling at the people as [they] go by."

From his perch behind the drums, Piller sees hundreds of race participants pass him each minute as they play near the Oliver House. He says his hope is to let them know that "somebody else cares."

"We love to give them a sense of relief for a few moments," Robb added. "The whole Race for the Cure, they get to forget about what they're going through and they get to have fun and be part of a parade…Giving back to those people who are suffering – that's what we like."

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