Thieves steal over $100,000 worth of property out of Toledo garage

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police are investigating a theft involving over $100,000 worth of property stolen out of a Toledo garage.

Six months ago John Dinzert rented a garage on Alexis near Telegraph and was in the process of building a custom Camaro and Chevelle as a tribute to his mom.

"She had money set aside and told me and my brother to do something fun, don't do anything responsible with it like pay bills, build a hot rod," said John.

When John arrived to the shop on Saturday he found his garage in pieces and he says he knew the worst had happened.

"I couldn't even remember the code to unlock my phone to dial 911," said John. "I was just completely beside myself; it just ripped right through me."

The thieves took tools, machinery, personal belongings and items in a safe, aside from the cars. John says it amounts to over $100,000 of property taken that is not covered by insurance.

"Someone decided they needed it more then I did and ripped my heart out in the process," said John.

John says tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of work were put into these two cars. Police say both cars have been located but they are now just shells, all the work is lost.

"The best way I can describe it is chop shop stripped, they took everything," said John.

John says he is holding out hope of locating the rest of his belongings and offering a cash reward for anyone with information.

"It's a substantial award, I am willing to work with anyone who has any information or knows where my things are," said John.

If you know who could be responsible or where Johns items could be the information for the reward is listed on Craigslist under auto parts.

John says he just wants what was taken back, no questions asked.

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