Lenawee County officials pushing to change the Winter Weather Advisory

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - Lenawee County officials say the current weather advisory in Lenawee County is very confusing.  They are now trying to simplify it to make it easier for everyone to understand.

With winter coming up, officials say last year's harsh winter makes the county's current three tier color coded system difficult to follow.

Lenawee County Emergency Management Coordinator Curtis Parsons says they are working together with the sheriff's department and the road commission to make the system a little easier.

"We're going to just simplify the matter by stating exactly what kind of conditions are existing," said Parsons. "Regardless of whether it's frozen ice on the roadway, snow covered or snow drifting conditions...we're going to be very specific."

Parson says Lenawee County will use local radio, newspapers and social media to get word out about exact conditions.

"We're going to try to be specific down to the region of the county," said Parsons. "For example, the southwest corner of the county was hit hardest last winter, so we're going to try to make it relevant to our citizens where they are at within the county."

County officials will meet with school superintendents in two weeks to lay out this new system for the upcoming winter. The new Winter Weather Advisory System is expected to be in place before the first snowfall.

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