Finished with undergrad degrees, UT offensive line on to grad school

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Meet the starting offensive line for the University of Toledo.

"Going right now to get an MBA in finance," Toledo senior offensive lineman Chase Nelson said.

"Master's degree in Public Administration," Toledo senior offensive lineman Jeff Myer said.

"My degree's in finance." Toledo senior offensive lineman Greg Mancz said.

"Getting my MBA with a concentration in leadership," Toledo senior offensive lineman Robert Lisowski said.

"Might end up being with the federal government," Myer said.

"Hopefully that'll help me out down the road maybe snag a chief spot somewhere," Toledo senior offensive lineman Jeff Hendershot said.

If you listened carefully you heard each them talk about earning advanced degrees. That's because all five of them, have already graduated.

"That group has been a culture changer in our football program both on and off the football field here," Toledo Head Football Coach Matt Campbell said.

"Athletics only last so long and academics is always something you can have for the rest of your life," Nelson said.

"I like to think we are the best looking ones too, all joking aside, we take great pride in our academics and it started when we first got here with Coach Campbell as our offensive line coach," Mancz said.

"Our whole meaning and culture here is, is two things, reach your full potential someday and those guys have all done it, and number two is to give more of yourself than you take from our program and those guys have done it," Campbell said.

The offensive line gets the meaning of student first, athlete second; setting a fine example for the underclassmen. And they are getting a big bang for their buck, getting advanced degrees with their scholarships.

"My mom has pushed me for my education and she wanted me to get it done in four years so I would have my fifth year to be able to start my masters degree," Hendershot said.

"Offensive linemen, you redshirt, it's common to redshirt so I think a lot of the younger guys and I've seen it and have been like I'm going to be here for five years anyway," Nelson said.

Through football this group is reaching their full potential.

"I really wasn't the best student when I got here but Coach Campbell, [Offensive Line] Coach [ Top] Manning, this whole coaching staff really stresses the importance of academics and really since I grew up, I got a good a good understanding of getting good grades I've been a 3.5 plus GPA student," Lisowski said.

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