Swanton Village Council decides to ban homeowners from raising chickens

SWANTON, OH (Toledo News Now) - Earlier in September a group of people living in Swanton submitted a proposal to village council to allow them to keep chickens in their yards, now the council is saying no.

Monday night village council voted not to allow residents the right to own chickens. They say the planning commission suggested to keep the current ban on farm animals in place.

The council says they had multiple concerns, but one was that it would open the door to other exotic animals being owned.

The other concern was how people maintained the chickens and how maintenance would be enforced.

Many residents have mixed feeling on the council decision.

"I don't think you should be allowed to raise farm animals within city limits even though this is a farming community, I mean there is just too many diseases, I just don't think it is a good idea," said resident Joe Partin.

"It's ridiculous. I just figure it's not hurting anybody, live at let live," said another resident Pam Hopkins.

The village says they also looked at other communities that allowed chickens to see how they operate but still ultimately decided against it.

Village Councilman say the report prepared by the planning department stated the Fulton County Health Department was also against the chickens.

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