Police looking for two suspects responsible for two armed robberies at a south Toledo apartment

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police say they have been called to the apartments on Brookview off Airport Hwy two days in a row. They say both cases involved armed robbery.

Police say early Tuesday morning a man was ambushed by two men with guns while walking into his apartment. They also say the same thing happened to a couple on Monday.

The men were reportedly waiting with gun in the parking lot for someone to get out of their car and walk into their apartment.

Regina Bomar was one of victims ambushed on Monday. She says she is still shaken up over the incident.

"I have a lot of mixed emotion right now I'm angry, I'm determined, this won't happen again, I'm scared to death," said Regina.

She says the suspects grabbed their phones and wallets and then forced their way into their apartment.

"They forced us at gun point into our apartment and took everything while holding us at gun point on the couch," said Regina.

She says they loaded a garbage can with laptops and other belongings while threatening their lives.

"They actually threatened to shoot our puppy because she was in a crate barking and drawing attention, he said he was going to smoke her," said Bomar.

She says she plans pay more attention to her surrounds and you should too.

"I let my guard down, that won't happen again," said Regina. "Just be aware of your surroundings at all times, no matter where you're at what you're doing even if you have nothing on you that no one would want, you just need to be aware."

Regina says police had a lead on the suspects because of an app on her phone. The app is called The Life 360 App. It is a free download that tracks where the phone is, using GPS. Police say when they were able to get a location the suspects were already gone.

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