Vandals using car windows as BB gun target practice in a west Toledo neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - One west Toledo Neighborhood is on edge following what appears to be a string of bb gun shootings targeting car windows.

Chelsea Werth and her husband did not expect to wake up to find the back window of their mini-van shattered Monday morning.

The Werth's mini-van was parked in the driveway of their home on Sibley Road.  Chelsea Werth says that her and some of her neighbors fell victim to someone firing a bb or pellet gun at their vehicles, using their car windows as target practice.

"The whole center of the window was busted out and it was the whole thing," said Werth. "And there was glass all over the driveway, glass all over the inside of the car."

Werth says that this is a very quiet neighborhood near Rogers High School. She says she is shocked something like this happened here.

"It's terrifying, first you go through your car seeing if anything's taken and when it's not, just confusing," said Werth. "Why would somebody bust out your window for no reason?"

Now her and her husband Andrew are left paying $245 to fix the window.

Police says at least three other vehicles in the neighborhood have encountered the same problem and they are looking into the cases involving vehicles damaged in the neighborhood.

If you know anything about this vandalism in west Toledo, you are asked to contact police immediately.

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