Police: Counterfeit bills sightings increasing at east Toledo businesses

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A wave of counterfeit cash has been discovered at businesses, particularly in east Toledo, and police say it's gotten worse.

Toledo Police say they have collected dozens of fake $5, $10 and $20 bills from businesses that have fallen victim to the scammers. They say while many cashiers are still falling for the counterfeit bills, more and more are catching the fakes before they even open their cash register.

The Stop N Go convenience stores have been fighting back by sending emails to all their locations any time someone tries to use a fake bill. The emails include a description of the customer and the car used.

"We keep control of it because it's a serious issue," said Amanda Dockery, manager at a east Toledo store. "We give you our product and you give us a fake bill, we take it to the bank, they confiscate it from us and don't give us our money back, so we have to keep track [so] that doesn't happen to us."

This problem affects more than just small businesses, though. You should pay attention to change you receive at businesses to make sure counterfeit bills are not passed on to you.

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