Work underway to prepare Perrysburg site for new Costco store

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Grading work is underway in Perrysburg to get the site at Eckel Junction Road and Dixie Highway ready for a new Costco store.

Trees have been removed to reveal abandoned homes that will eventually be demolished to make way for the new store. Novak Construction brought in equipment to level off the land and clear a path for Columbia Gas to come in next month to relocated the pipeline that currently runs diagonally through the property.

The transformation has caught the eye of nearby residents.

"I was really surprised because I didn't see anything going on behind the houses just up the street here, and it seemed like overnight it was trees were down and construction vehicles were in place," said Jim Helminiak. "It's only been about a week and they've got this much done."

The property will be an active construction site for several months. Perrysburg Planning and Zoning Administrator Brody Walters says no date has been set for when Costco will break ground for the new store, but he says architects want to have customers inside within 110 days of the start of construction. That may mean they'll wait until the winter freeze is lifted.

Work is also being done to add one lane in each direction to Eckel Junction Road in front of the store to handle the increase in traffic.

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